C++ Code Collection

To start off with game development I have decided to create a collection of useful C++11 concepts related to game development. While I am going to always implement them myself, most of the concepts will not be created by me. They are rather gathered from all over the web (a good amount will also originate from the SFML Game Development book) and be collected here, so I have a nice reference if I ever need to take a look at how to implement one or the other.

They can be found at my github page: https://github.com/EdwardFox/cpp-collection

The starting project is a simple implementation of Box2D with SFML and a proper gameloop. Feel free to point out mistakes or flaws in the concepts and / or implementations.

Setting Up The Workplace

When Patrick and I decided that we wanted to do more software development, we also found it useful to document our progress in a blog. Thus foxdev was born. In preparation for this undertaking I needed to get my workplace set up.

I had just recently installed Linux Mint 16 (Cinnamon) on my laptop because I found it to be a better working environment than Windows 8. The problem that arose was that I had a fully functional home pc with keyboard, mouse and two monitors sitting there – unused. Why should I pass on this hardware and be forced to work on my laptop only, when in fact I did have way better peripherals literally right in front of me?

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